Michael HT. Le

Contact: dhle@lcmail.lcsc.edu

Currently a Computer Science student at Lewis-Clark State College.

The purpose of this page from now (April 2021) is to complie computer science resources for students.

If there is a dead link for any resource listed, please email me at dhle@lcmail.lcsc.edu


A really good resource list is available on r/learnprogramming on reddit, this is the link to their faq: Link

(Any)Beginner pratice questions applicable for any language: Link

(Any)Curated list of project based tutorial: Link

(Any)Collection of helpful tips and tricks using VS Code: Link

(Most)Cheat-sheets for popular programming languages, frameworks and dev tools: Link

(Most)Practice reading code to analyze patterns, for intermediate: Link

(SQL)Database work tools, to make working with databases easier: Link

(Webdev)Github resources that developers use to keep up with front-end web dev: Link

(Webdev)Collective list of free APIs used in software and web dev: Link

(Webdev)Free resources for learning Full Stack Web Dev: Link

(Webdev)Amazing fullstack(front end and back end webdev) course from Helenski: Link

(Webdev)Design tools and plugins (webdev or apps): Link

(Webdev)CSS Tricks Flexbox: Link

(Webdev)CSS Tricks Gird: Link

(Webdev)React Typscript Cheat-sheet: Link

(Webdev)Free for devs: Link

(Webdev)Mozilla Developer Network: Link

(Webdev)Dev challenges: Link

(Webdev)Good Code: Link

(Webdev)100+ JS Project ideas: Link

Other resources:

Sign up to Leet Code to find challenge questions: Link

Built in Vim tutorial, simplified, just use the vimtutorial command on the command line.

Learning how to use Github is incredibly important to learn the basic workflow that you will experience in work! Here's a short guide on the commands you need to know: Link

Google is honestly your best friend most of the time, before asking someone else for help try to find the answers online! Stack overflow is a great resource but use it wisely rather than just plagiarizing the code. On the surface, looking at the answers might not be beneficial, it will require you to break down the code and analyze it for yourself. Get comfortable looking at documentation.

I have a collection of CS books I can share just ask or email me and I can send it to you!

- Algorithm Design by Jon Kleinberg, Eva Tardo
- Algorithms 4th Edition by Robert Sedgewick, Kevin Wayne
- Code Complete 2nd Edition
- Engineering a Compiler 2nd Edition by K. Cooper, L. Torczon
- A Guide to Lex and Yacc by Thomas Niemann
- Modern Compiler Implementation in C
- Effect Modern C++ by Scott Meyers
- Algorithm Design Manual by Steven S. Skiena
- The C++ Programming Language 4th Edition by Bjarne Stroustrup
- The Pragmatic Programmer

If you are looking for more books, here's a recommended list: Link

Note: Most LCSC Computer Science Books should be available online for free.


While this is list is compiled to provide an entry way, the most important part of learning and honing your programming skills is your personal projects.

Don't be lazy and just ride through courses, CS is a wide field and is very competitive and demands you to keep learning, lists creates procrastination.

Use this list as a framework to build upon your current skills and help develop your own projects.

Also talk to your instructors! Though small in numbers, they are all excellent and willing to go lengths to help you out!

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