CS101 Presentation Order

October 12 Bitcoin mining and LFTs (Luke)
October 19
October 26 Honeypots (Michaela) Quantum Computing (Jarom) NFC Near Field Communication (Mason) Virtual Reality for Gaming (Matthew) Computation in Minecraft (Everest)
November 2 Motion Capture (Cole) Cyber Security (Leah) Augmented Reality Games (Tyler) Haptic Devices (Hector) Corrupted Blood (Anna)
November 9 Haptic Devices (Connor) Virtual Machines (Tyler) Equine Sensors (Kaitlyn) Computers in Criminal Justice (Carrie) Reinforcement Learning (Quincy)
November 16 AI Uses for Education (Carly) Semiconductors (Beknazar) HTML and CSS (Kyle) Morris Worm (Micheal) Facial Recognition (Caden) Virtual Reality Applications (Annalia)

To be included in this table:

  1. Pick a topic and day
  2. Come tell my why your topic is interesting, and what day you would like to present it
Picking a topic early will ensure you have your choice of day and time. You need to explain why your topic is interesting in person, not via e-mail or phone.