CS101 Technical Assignment

Due Tuesday, September 28 by the end of the day

As your final task for CS101, and as a fun alternative to a final exam, create a program that makes an artistic spiral. Start with the following program:
import turtle as t
from math import *

for i in range(0, 360, 1):
  angle = i/10.0
  x = cos(angle)
  y = sin(angle)
  lx = cos(angle - .1)
  ly = sin(angle - .1)
  r = angle
  t.goto(r * lx, r * ly)
  t.goto(r * x, r * y)
Cut and paste the above program into the Python interpreter at this website: https://trinket.io/python. Alternatively, feel free to use any other python interpreter, including IDLE. Observe that running it creates a small and uninteresting spiral. As an example of changing things, reverse the "sin" and "cos" on the lines where lx and ly (last x and last y) are set, like this:
	lx = sin(angle - .1)
	ly = cos(angle - .1) 
Put these back, and change the 360 in the for loop (line 5 if you past exactly as above) to something higher, perhaps 1000. The spiral should be larger. Next, try changing the color. Add this statement to fill in the empty line 4:
t.color(100, 0, 250)
Make minor changes in the program until it produces output that seems pleasing to you. Make and observe the result of at least 5 changes. Once finished, upload your code here. Be sure to put your name either in the filename, or inside the file somewhere