Homework 5: Software Development and Management

Due Wednesday, February 20, by 10:30 AM

As usual, place the commands you used to solve each of the 5 problems into a file called homework5.
  1. How many packages with "python" in the name are installed on isoptera? (aptitude or apt-cache, grep, wc)
  2. What games are included in the "bsdgames" package? (aptitude or apt-cache, grep and wc if you don't like counting)
  3. Download the file "print_secret.c" to your home directory and compile it with gcc.(gcc). Here's a simple command that will download it for you:
    wget http://isoptera.lcsc.edu/~seth/cs228/examples/print_secret.c
  4. Compile and run the program. What is the secret?
  5. Which is larger, the program print_secret or its source code? Give both the command and your answer. (ls or du)
Turn in your homework by creating a file named "homework5" with no extension in your home directory, with permissions set so that only you can view the file. This assignment is worth 35 points, 5 from correct naming, 5 from correct permissions, and 5 from each of the problems above.