CS228 Midterm Review Guide

There are no questions which are purely from the book. The exam will be closed book, with a page of notes will be allowed. The question involving "shutdown" is a manual page reading question. Since you know that, you could memorize all the options for shutdown and be prepared, but keep in mind when allocating study time that the complete man page is included on the test.
A lot of the questions require you to know how a Linux system functions in general. Creativity and reasoning will go a long way toward a good score.
Commands which appear somewhere on the test: For some commands, the mention is as a multiple choice answer, and others are involved in short answer questions. Given that a page of notes is allowed, it may be to your benefit to make a list with a brief description of what each of these commands does.
In addition, these commands are not in the above list, and are either helpful or essential for answering short answer questions: Pipes and backticks are mentioned in multiple questions, so be familiar with how to use these. Also, background processes started with an ampersand (&) feature in one question.

Here is an overview of what the test was like last time:

  1. Cover Page
  2. 8 Multiple Choice, 24 points, General
  3. 2 Short Answer, 16 points, nmap, w, grep, pipes
  4. 3 Short Answer, 24 points, background processes, file permissions, behavior of cd, shell variables
  5. 1 Very Short Answer, 2 Short Answer, 18 points, services, ssh, file command and file types
  6. None, Documentation (man page)
  7. None, Documentation (man page)
  8. 1 Very Short Answer, 2 Short Answer, 18 points, Reading man pages, backticks