CS253 Final Review Guide

	One page of multiple choice.
	Rest is short answer, and the answer might be a program
	Need to know symbols BASH uses.  *, [ ], ., &, $ (for variables), ` (backticks), " and ', > >> 2> 2>> <, { }
	Remember that a lot of the symbols bash uses have different meanings to grep
	Regular expressions for grep and sed.  ., [ ], ^, $, *, { }
	A page of notes is allowed, 8.5 by 11 both sides
	C will also be on the test.
	C topics include:
		Variable types, such as char*, or arrays, etc
		Scope, remember how this works, such local variables in functions
		Calling system functions
		File descriptors
		System functions like fork, pipe, exec, file manipulation (open, read, write, lseek, etc), sigaction
		pointers, such as in argv or char*
		basic loops, if statements, etc (same stuff as in C++)
There are no questions which are purely from the book. A lot of the questions require you to know how a Linux system functions in general. Creativity and reasoning will go a long way toward a good score.
Commands which appeared somewhere on the test last time: Command-line pipes are mentioned in multiple questions, so be familiar with how to use these.
C programming: There will be a bunch of points worth of C programming content.