Final Review Information

Topics Covered:

Page-by-page summary FROM LAST TIME

I will update this when I write the test, and exact point numbers and such are subject to change.
  1. Cover page, no questions
  2. Multiple choice, 8 questions, 3 points each. General topics
  3. Process scheduling, memory use. 20 points total in 4 questions.
  4. Function pointers, fork. 21 points in two short answer questions.
  5. Interrupts, tricky C question. 20 points
  6. Virtual Memory. 1 question, 10 points.
  7. Memory bug question, related to project 4, 10 points
The test will be closed book, but you can bring a page of notes if you like. Any page is fine, written any way you like. It can be both sides or one side, handwritten or typed, any font size. If you have legal-size paper around, that's ok too. If you wanted to do both sides but dislike flipping pages, you can do two one-sided sheets instead.