Midterm Review Information

Topics Covered: The test is pretty heavy on the C programming, since we spent the first few weeks mostly on this, and it has featured prominently since then. Do remember to think about zombies and the examples involving them, since there's a pretty good question (I think) on zombies and fork/exec multiprocessing.
The first page is multiple choice, 8 questions at 3 points each, and the rest is short answer or programming. You can bring a couple pages of notes. If you do, I'd suggest writing yourself some kind of guide to fork/exec, and some examples involving function pointers.
Page Content
1None (cover page)
2Multiple choice, 24 points, general
31 question, 10 points, sizeof() and pointers
41 question, 10 points, fork/exec and zombies
51 question, 10 points, signals along with fork/exec
68 questions, 30 points, OS terms and meanings
71 question, 10 points, function pointers inside structures
81 question, 6 points, pointer passing puzzle