CS430 Project 5: Advanced Forkbomb

Due Monday, December 11, at 9:00 AM

For this project, create a forkbomb which I cannot stop, but which can be stopped by knowledge of a secret method. This will be tested on the lab computers in MLH 310. Please do not test your forkbomb on isoptera . I will run your forkbomb from a terminal window in the GUI, and try at least these methods top stop it: I may additionally reduce the maximum size of the process table, but will leave at least 1,000 entries free for your forkbomb to consume. Decreasing the size of the process table will increase the responsiveness of the machine during testing.

Besides being resistant to stopping, a method must be provided to stop your forkbomb, which must be non-intuitive. Examples include creating a file with a particular name and location, starting a process with a particular name, changing /bin/true to be /bin/false, etc.

Turning in the assignment

Turn in your project in the usual manner.