CS435 Homework 1: Using Netcat

Due Wednesday, February 2

Part 1

Connect to port 5070 on isoptera, using netcat. There is a server running on that port that will send you a message. Record the message as part 1 of this lab.

Part 2

There is a file called "h1client" in the class examples area. It is a linux x86-64 binary, and will run on any of the computers in MLH 310 or isoptera. When you run it, two parameters are required: A computer to connect to, and a port. For example, you could use it like this:

./h1client localhost 2000
Start netcat as a server, and listen on a port. Then connect to that port with h1client. Record what message h1client sends to netcat. This is the answer to the second part of the homework.

Turning in the assignment

Upload a text file with the messages from part 1 and part 2. This is due on Wednesday, January 26.