CS435 Lab 1: Using Netcat

Part 1

Connect to port 5070 on isoptera, using netcat. There is a server running on that port that will send you a message. Record the message as part 1 of this lab.

Part 2

There is a file called "lab1client" in the class examples area. It is a linux x86-64 binary. When you run it, two parameters are required: A computer to connect to, and a port. For example, you could use it like this:

./lab1client localhost 2000
Start netcat as a server, and listen on a port. Then connect to that port with the lab1client. Record what message lab1client sends to netcat. This is the answer to the second part of the lab.

Turning in the lab

Upload a text file with the messages from part 1 and part 2. This is due on Wednesday, January 29.