CS435 Lab 3: Learning the Lurk Protocol

Due Friday, February 14, at 12:00 PM

A server is currently running on Isoptera, port 5190. Connect to it, using the lurk protocol, and kill the monster named "lab3". You may have to wander around a bit to find lab3. Killing lab3 will cause a message to be placed in a log where I can find it later, and the monster will instantly regenerate so that other students can complete the lab as well. Be sure to include something in your player's name or description so I can tell who has finished the lab. The server is running inside an infinite loop, in case it crashes. So if you crash the server somehow, it should be back in a couple minutes. The log file continues despite crashes.
There is a program installed on isoptera called "lc", which stands for Lurk Cat. It can be used as both a lurk client and a lurk server, but as a client, it does not fulfill the project requirements at all. Use it to connect to the lurk server on isoptera. You can copy the client to other systems if you like. It should run on any 64-bit Linux machine, including the ones in MLH 310, but I haven't tested this for a while. As a note, before you start LC, make the terminal window as tall as possible, because it does not support scrolling.
Note: One common reason for C programs to crash is poor memory management. Valgrind is a tool to help find these. It's installed on isoptera and can be started quite easily: valgrind name_of_program