CS435 Midterm Review

A page of notes is allowed, but the test is closed book and closed computer.

Be prepared for detailed questions on the following:

Question Types

Notes about Specific Questions

Hamming Codes: There is a question where you are given an 11-bit sequence, containing 4 parity bits and 7 message bits. The 11-bit sequence will have a 1-bit error. You will have to correct the error and give the transmitted number. This will be very similar to lab 5.

Client/Server Programming: There is a question that presents you with a simple protocol for client/server communication, and requires you to implement the client and server. It's worth quite a few points, and the client and server are in separate questions. You can use any programming language you like. The protocol is designed to not require a lot of code to parse, but you'll have to be ready for some network programming. The protocol might be either text or binary.