CS435 Port Reservations

You don't have to restrict yourself to only using the ports in your reserved range. Just please don't start servers inside somebody else's reserved range. This is to give everybody a few ports to use without any competition from others, so as to avoid wasting time looking for a rare bug that turns out to be interference from somebody else.

Ports 22, 80, 3306, and 5000-5200 can be used off-campus, but all other ports will only work from localhost the CS network (like in MLH 310). Please don't do anything irritating, like putting 1,000 bots into every lurk server you can find.

Brycen: 5000 through 5004
Isaiah: 5005 through 5009
Tyler: 5010 through 5014
Kyrie: 5015 through 5019
Coleby: 5020 through 5024
Thor: 5025 through 5029
Micheal: 5030 through 5034
Jay: 5035 through 5039
Debbie: 5040 through 5044
Bradyn: 5045 through 5049
Jarom: 5050 through 5054