Lab 4, 5, and 6 Instructions

Labs 4, 5, and 6 all follow a common format, and as such are described here as a set. Each consists of solving one or two C puzzles, which can all be solved by means of buffer overflow. Turn in a demonstration that you have solved the puzzles (source code change if one is required, python or shell script if you use one, etc). Programs are located in the class examples area. With the exception of password_game, you'll have to compile the code. I recommend using gcc, because the labs have not been tested with any other compiler.

Lab 4

return_game.c, and game.c. Both of these have to be compiled, and require overwriting variables.

Lab 5

if_game.c, which requires overwriting the return address.

Lab 6

password_game.c. For this lab, you must exploit the compiled version, and the source code is provided simply for your reference. The password in the compiled version is not rabbit

Due dates:

All these should be complete somewhat soon to help with project 4. I recomment attempting to finish by April 20, but will grade them as late as April 27.