Final Review Information

Topics Covered: You can bring a page or two of notes. There won't be any questions specifically on blender or .obj files.

The test will be primarily short answer, but there will be at least one essay question. Here's an example of how an essay question might look:

(30 points)Question 1: Suppose you are designing a Battlestar Galactica themed game, and designing a collision detection system for a Cylon Basestar (recent series, not original). The Basestar consists of two 3-point stars, heavily pointed (similar to a Mercedes logo), which rotate in relation to each other. The collision detection must be accurate, not an approximation such as a sphere. Write a detailed explanation of how this could be accomplished. Be sure to include details on what properties will be required, computational efficiency, and algorithms for collision detection. Refer to the following picture to see the basic shape.

Cylon Basestar by ash2002, from