CS492 Game Design Project 2: Roaming Enemy

Due the morning of November 7

Use the teapot game
Make a roaming enemy that shoots back periodically
	- With a different projectile
	- If the camera/player is close enough
	- The enemy can't see you unless it's facing you, and therefore won't attack
		+ Field of view must be between 10 and 180 degrees
	- Appearance is up to you, but must have forward and backward
	- Can use blender and LoadedObject, but LoadedObject is a little incomplete
	- We'll take care of LoadedObject sometime soon
		+ It works now, for shape and texture anyway
		+ SimpleGameObject

Turning in the assignment

Upload your completed project as a single file (.zip, .tar, etc) to the class website. Name it using your name and project 1.