S. Seth Long

Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Lewis-Clark State College
Contact: sslong@lcsc.edu


Currently I am working on the Graph Neural Analyzer (GNA) for discovering correlations between the physical structure of the brain and the charactaristics of people, such as age or level of education.

Fall 2023 Classes:

CS101 Seminar
CS211 Computer Science 2
CS253 Systems Programming
CS475 Computer Security

Fall 2023 Schedule

9:00 CS475 MLH 310 CS475 MLH 310
10:30 Office Hour (11:00-12:00)
12:00 CS253 MLH 310 CS253 MLH 310
1:30 Office Hour (2:00-3:00) CS101 MLH 240
3:00 (and later) CS253 lab MLH 310 (3:00-5:45)

Research Interests:

Computational Neuroscience, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Parallel Processing, Graph Theory