CS101 Presentation

Presentation order

The presentation in CS101 forms 30% of your grade. The topic should be technical in nature, and related to the field of computing in general, but beyond that is up to you. All topics must be approved in advance. Here are a few suggestions:
Any of the suggestions are ok to use provided nobody has claimed them yet, but are intended as examples of the sort of topics that would be appropriate for this class. If your idea seems quite far removed from the list above, don't hesitate to ask about it anyway.

Presentation Guidelines

Topics due by October 3

The presentation will be graded based on whether or not you effectively communicated information to the class. I suggest using slides for your presentation, because these make it easier to avoid troubles that can occur during a presentation. If you need to use a laptop, test it with the projector before class. The projector in MLH 240 has both an HDMI and a VGA connection in case you want to use your laptop, but if so, please test the projector or some external monitor in advance. I also suggest saving your slides as a .pdf document, because these reliably open on all major platforms (I've seen many presentations delayed due to problems with PowerPoint files).

Length should be around 10 minutes. Be careful not to take longer than that, because otherwise we will run out of time.

Grading rubric:
20% - Topic is provided on time
20% - An appropriate amount of information is presented.
20% - Information is understandable
20% = Materials are appropriate for the presentation
20% - Presentation is of the appropriate length
Note that none of these concern manner of dress, correct grammar, use of hand gestures, etc. This is not a public speaking class, and your presentation style is not relevant to your grade unless it interferes with your ability to deliver information to the class (unlikely). I don't recommend memorizing your presentation, but it is a good idea to test it for length. Test audience can be a friend, your pet, or a wall.