GPU Programming Lab 6
Loading models from Blender
Due Monday, October 10

Using the load_object demo, or some other program of your own making, load a model from blender.
Note about versions: Blender had a major interface change at version 3.0, and if you're going to learn how to use Blender, I'd highly recommend learning the new interface instead of the old one. There's a tutorial series that's quite good, on making a doughnut with blender, but make sure to use the Blender 3.0+ version. For the lab, I'd recommend getting a later version from For Linux:
  1. Download blender from (it'll pick Linux)
  2. Extract the file. From the command line, tar -xf ...filename...
  3. In the directory it extracted, run "blender"
Blender works just fine on other operating systems too, but the lab might not!