Computer Science 312 Spring 2019


Instructor Information:

S. Seth Long, Ph.D
Office: MLH 216
Office Hours: Monday 1:30-2:30, Thursday 10:30-11:30

Course Syllabus

Course Calendar

Lecture Notes

Lecture Examples

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Lab Assignments

Lab 1: Building a c++ program
Lab 2: Equations and Functions
Lab 3: Racing Squirrels
Lab 4: Letter Frequencies
Lab 5: Reversing a Linked List
Lab 6: GTKMM Animations
Lab 7: Physics Simulations
Lab 8: A Ball Adding Button
Lab 9: Better Recursion for Fibonacci Sequences

Project Descriptions

Project 1: Using Functions
Project 2: Classes and Arrays
Project 3: Moving Objects
Project 4: Large Numbers
Project 5: Hunt the Wumpus