Computer Science 253 Spring 2020


Final Review Guide
Autoquiz Guide
Tutoring is available in the tutoring center for this class. Ask for somebody who can tutor CS228 Linux and Tools for BASH questions, and somebody with CS430 Operating Systems for C programming questions (generally anybody with CS430 will also have had CS228).

Instructor Information:

S. Seth Long
Office: MLH 216
Office Hours: Monday 2:00-3:00, Wednesday 10:30-11:30
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Course Syllabus

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Upload completed projects here
Project 1: C Strings and Encryption
Project 2: Using System Functions to Retrieve Information
Project 3: Adding Redirection to the Shell

Lab Assignments

Lab 1: Running Commands
Lab 2: Using Pipes
Lab 3: Finding Files and More Pipes
Lab 4: Shell Variables
Lab 5: Packages, C, and Timing
Lab 6: A Few Network Tricks
Lab 7: More Finding Things
Lab 8: Practice with Text Processing
Lab 9: Practice with argc and argv
Lab 10: Using Signals and Signal Handlers
Lab 11: Web Pages
Lab 12: Practice with Pipes and such
Lab 13: More Practice