Computer Assisted Segmentation Tool Environment Revisit has been developed for the segmentation of neves with in stacks of Scanning Electron Microscope scans of mice retina. This tool allows researches to color and track a structure from the mouse retina to see how mutations affect the cells.


Caster's tools include basic brushes with color selection, linear regression brush, a ruler, and erasers.


Left click is tool function.

Right click hold and drag is zoom.

Scroll wheel up goes to previous image, down is next image, and hold and move pans.

Linear regression is model to find a linear line based off a dependent variable with multiple independent variables. As we change images in the stack we see how the object is changed.

Raycast is an edge tracking brush that dynamically resizes around the surface.

Any action will interrupt the process for these tools. Also if the Black Hole and Basic Eraser are selected the Black hole will only erase a small section.


The program's source code is currently hosted on Github at