Getting Started

Via Source


1.) Download source code at:

2.) Install Processing ide at:

3.) Open file explorer and run any .pde file in the caster/caster folder.

4.) Inside processing install extensions required by the source.


1.) Run the program where the UI and Main window will load.

2.) In the UI bar select File, then Load which will open a file explorer. Select any .png in the folder you would like to work with, and make sure all are same size and only pngs are in the folder. Test data located in the Caster-master folder in the folder test_data.


1.) Pan around the test data by pressing and holding the scroll wheel and drag the mouse to an area you would like to highlight, then release.

2.) Hold right mouse button and move mouse up to zoom in, or down to zoom out on your area.

3.) If you want to make sure you are following a structure scroll down on the mouse wheel to view next image or up to view previous.

4.) Once you have found and checked your region select the brush tool in the UI panel. Then select the style of brush and color as well.

Using the tools

All tools are used by left clicking the image when they have been selected.

All tool functions are listed on the tools page.

Via Executable

Coming Soon.